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One of the best tattoo shops in Prague - Tattoo Shop Praha offers affordable prices for all services - look at examples of work in the galleries.

What involve how much tattoo cost?

  1. First of all, this is the size of the tattoo. The smaller the tattoo, the lower its cost.

  2. Detailing. This is the number of small and complex details in the sketch. The more detailed the drawing, the greater the cost of the tattoo. If necessary, to reduce the cost of a tattoo, it is enough to reduce the number of parts. An experienced master can always simplify a sketch without losing quality and visual content.

  3. Place of application. There are simpler and more complicated places for tattoos. Places of bends, uneven surface, bulge. At these places, tattoos are technically more difficult and longer, so body parts such as ribs, elbows, neck, head are priced a little more expensive.

  4. Dye density (number of pigment per cm.sq.)

How to get exact tattoo price?​

  • Each work is evaluated individually, depending on the above parameters.

  • If you call the studio and name the exact size of the sketch, the place of application and its description, the administrator will be able to name the cost of the tattoo by these parameters.

  • It is very important to understand that the technique of the work and the density of the shade can significantly reduce the cost of a tattoo. To make it clear what is at stake, let's explain in more detail. Less dense pigment coloring can significantly reduce the time of work, and the trace and cost of the tattoo. The quality of the tattoo will not change! Both works will be perfect from an artistic point of view. The difference will be insignificant, but quite tangible from a financial point of view. You can find out more detailed information on this subject from the master in a free consultation.

Approximate prices for tattoo:

Tiny Tattoo Price (2-3 cm2) - 1500-2000 CZK (60-80 USD)

Small Tattoo Price (5x5 cm) - 2000-5000 CZK (100-250 USD)

Medium Tattoo Price (10x10 cm) - 3000-8000 CZK (150-400 USD)

Tattoo Lady forearm size Price (20x8 cm) - 8000-10000 CZK (400-500 USD)

Tattoo gentleman forearm Price (25x15 cm) - 10000-16000 CZK (500 - 800 USD)

Big tattoos prices - 2000 CZK/hour (100 USD/hour)

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